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SzirTicket coupon


The SzirTicket coupon has been a payment option of Szirtes Technologies Ltd. since 2014. The idea was inspired by the Software Assurance program previously offered by Microsoft, which was part of the Microsoft Volume Licensing package.

What is SzirTicket?

SzirTicket is a training voucher that allows companies to plan their training costs for the year more easily. It can be used to fix the amount of money spent on trainings for a given year, regardless of possible exchange rate changes or manufacturer price increases.

We know that in many cases, when the training budget is set, it is not even certain what specific training the IT department wants to attend. This is not a problem with the SzirTicket coupon. When ordering the voucher, the Customer does not need to predefine the specific courses.

Another difficulty for companies when planning in advance is that they cannot foresee exactly which colleagues they would send to certain courses. This is further complicated by staff turnover; it is not certain that those who have booked training courses at the beginning of the financial year will stay on afterwards. With the SzirTicket training voucher, this is not a problem either, as there is no need to attach a name to the training days.


How long can the training voucher be used?

You must use the SzirTicket training voucher within one year of ordering. If the educational days have not been used up by the deadline, we offer our customers the possibility of a one-month extension for an extra fee.

Payment and use

Once the order has been placed, a virtual training voucher will be created containing information about the package. The date of fulfilment is the electronic (e-mail) delivery of the virtual coupon to the Customer. Upon completion, our company will issue an invoice with a maximum payment term of 30 days.

The voucher can be used for online or classroom trainings. The fee for the training days does not include meals in case of classroom participation. Catering is optionally available for an extra fee: buffet (3 500 HUF/person/day + VAT) and hot lunch (3 000 HUF/person/day + VAT). It is not necessary to request the catering service at the same time as ordering the training vouchers. It can be done up to 3 working days before each course.

Training vouchers can be used for Microsoft or our own Microsoft-based training courses. For each course, it is necessary to fill in the course application form, indicating the number of training days and the coupon code in the course fee. The number of training days is equal to the length of the course. The training voucher cannot be combined with other discounts.


For more information on changing or cancelling your course, please see the "Cancellation" policy.

Our offers

One (1) training day   110 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 110 000 Ft+VAT)
Three (3) training days   220 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 73 333 Ft+VAT)
Five (5) training days   330 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 66 000 Ft+VAT)
Ten (10) training days   650 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 65 000 Ft+VAT)
Fifteen (15) training days   930 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 62 000 Ft+VAT)
Twenty (20) training days   1 180 000 Ft+VAT (price per unit: 59 000 Ft+VAT)

The amount of Value Added Tax (VAT) is 27%.

How to order

If you are interested in our SzirTicket training voucher, please contact us at info@szirtes.com or call +36 1 999 6514.